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Samba is developed by hard work from a world-wide team of volunteers. the Samba Roadmap provides a list of on-going projects within Samba development, and the Contribute page on the wiki offers information about how to get involved. Be sure to read the development page regarding responsibly submitting patches.


The User documentation page on the Samba wiki is the primary place we develop new documentation. Outside that, manpages are maintained in docs-xml/ in the GIT tree as SGML/DocBook.

Contact The Samba Technical mailing list if you would like to help out with the docs.

Coding Projects

All coding work needs to be coordinated with a Samba Team member, at the very least, on the samba-technical mailing list or on the #samba-technical IRC channel ( Don't just start coding and expect patches to automatically be integrated in. Obviously, projects by specific team members need to be coordinated with those team members in charge.

For those without Git write access (non-team members), patches should be incremental and in the form of context diffs (attached diff -u output or better git format-patch output).

If you want to code, you should know how to get the source branches via anonymous Git. See our Git instructions for details.

Anyone interested in actively participating in Samba development probably should also subscribe to the samba-cvs mailing list in order to follow Git commit log messages.


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