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The easiest way to subscribe to the list is through the web interface at Please read this note on mailing list etiquette before posting.

If you do not have web access, you may subscribe over email by sending a blank email to with the word 'help' in the subject line.

Note that posting to any of the Samba mailing lists will effectively expose your email address to the public, including spammers and machines infected with Windows viruses. Many people have reported an increase in spam and viruses on new email addresses after posting to mailing lists hosted on Prospective posters may wish to use a disposable email service like spamgourmet. You have been warned!


Please be aware that mail to these lists will be distributed to many subscribers, and will be permanently and publicly archived. In general, we will not remove posted messages from the archives. Exceptions are described in our archive editing policy.

The following Samba-related mailing lists are archived here:

samba General questions regarding Samba
samba-announce Samba Announcements
samba-vms Samba for the VMS operating system
samba-cvs Samba CVS, Subversion and Git commit messages
samba-docs Discontinued list about Samba documentation
samba-technical Developer discussions about Samba internals
samba-ntdom Discontinued list about NT Domain support

A mailing list in the French language is also available. See for more information.

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Important: Currently the Samba mailing list archives hosted here on do not support searching.
However, you can access a searchable copy of the archives at and

List Volume

The Samba mailing lists, other than samba-announce, generate a large volume of messages. If you think you will only read the lists infrequently, it may be better to read them in the archives or through a news server. This will save bandwidth for yourself and, and will save filling up your email inbox.

We strongly recommend this for people using webmail services such as Yahoo! and HotMail; a few days traffic on the samba lists can be enough to completely fill a free mailbox, causing you to lose other messages. In fact, new subscriptions from these domains are no longer accepted on the high-volume lists.


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