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There are now quite a number of books becoming available for Samba and we, the Samba Team, felt that it would be useful if a list of them was made available on the Web site.

The following lists all the books we are aware of in chronological order. If you are aware of any books that we have not listed, please send us information on them. We will only accept a title, author, publisher, ISBN and link to publisher's page, if one exists.

We are very interested to hear about non-English books, so please send along any such books as well, and, if they are simply translations of English books, please indicate that as well.

Send all information to Richard Sharpe.







  • Samba by Mustafa Baser and Gorkem Cetin. This is a User Contributed book that is in Turkish. Many thanks to Mustafa and Gorkem for this great effort. You can also download the HTML version.
    Language: Turkish
  • Using Samba, 2nd ed., by Jay Ts, Robert Eckstein & David Collier-Brown, Published by O'Reilly & Associates, February 2003, ISBN 0-596-00256-4. The HTML version is included in the Samba distribution.
    Language: English


  • Open Source, ISBN 84-415-1388-0, Published by AnayaMultimedia in July, 2002. (Covers various Open Source Projects including a chapter on Samba).
    Language: Spanish


  • The Samba Book, by Dr. Olaf Borkner-DelCarlo, ISBN 0-7645-4773-9, Published by M&T Books, in May 2001.
    Language: English.


  • Samba le guide de l'administrateur by by Ed Brooksbank, George Haberberger, and Lisa Doyle, ISBN 2-7464-0153-3, Published by IDG Books, 2000.
    Language: French.
    Comment: A translation into French of The Samba Administator's Handbook.
  • Samba Primer Plus by Matt Gillard, ISBN 0-67231-932-2, published by Waite Group Press, April 2000.
    Language: English.


  • Samba for Dummies by Lisa A Doyle and George D Haberberger, ISBN 0764507125, published by Hungry Minds in September 2000.
    Language: English. Also available in German.
  • Using Samba, by Robert Eckstein, David Collier-Brown and Peter Kelly, ISBN 1-56592-449-5, Published by O'Reilly in November 1999.
    Language: English.
  • Das Samba-Buch, by Dr. Olaf Borkner-Delcarlo, ISBN 3-930419-93-9, Published by SuSE-Press in October 1999.
    Language: German.



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