Samba 3.5.9 Available for Download

                   Release Notes for Samba 3.5.9
			   June 14, 2011

This is the latest stable release of Samba 3.5.

Major enhancements in Samba 3.5.9 include:

o  Sgid bit lost on folder rename (bug #7996).
o  ACL can get lost when files are being renamed (bug #7987).
o  Respect "allow trusted domains = no" in Winbind (bug #6966).
o  Samba now follows Windows behaviour as a kerberos client,
   requesting a CIFS/ ticket (bug #7893).

New Kerberos behaviour

A new parameter 'client use spnego principal' defaults to 'no' and
means Samba will use CIFS/hostname to obtain a kerberos ticket, acting
more like Windows when using Kerberos against a CIFS server in
smbclient, Winbind and other Samba client tools.  This will change
which servers we will successfully negotiate Kerberos connections to.
This is due to Samba no longer trusting a server-provided hint which
is not available from Windows 2008 or later.  For correct operation
with all clients, all aliases for a server should be recorded as a as
a servicePrincipalName on the server's record in AD.

Changes since 3.5.8:

o   Jeremy Allison <>
    * BUG 6911: Kerberos authentication from Vista to Samba fails when security
      blob size is greater than 16 kB.
    * BUG 7080: Quota only shown when logged as root.
    * BUG 7528: Fix Solaris with NIS autohome.
    * BUG 7987: ACL can get lost when files are being renamed.
    * BUG 7996: sgid bit lost on folder rename.
    * BUG 8040: Fix 'smbclient' segfaults when a Cyrillic netbios name or
      workgroup is configured.
    * BUG 8072: Fix panic in create_file_acl_common.
    * BUG 8038: Fix is_myname_or_ipaddr() to be robust against strange DNS
    * BUG 8083: "inherit owner = yes" doesn't interact correctly with
      vfs_acl_xattr or vfs_acl_tdb module.
    * BUG 8088: Fix segfault in rpccli_samr_chng_pswd_auth_crap if any input
      blobs are null.
    * BUG 8111: CIFS VFS: Fix unexpected error on SMB posix open.
    * BUG 8157: Fix parsing CUPS printcap files in std_pcap_cache_reload().
    * BUG 8163: Fix our asn.1 parser to handle negative numbers.
    * BUG 8211: "inherit owner = yes" doesn't interact correctly with "inherit
      permissions = yes".

o   Christian Ambach <>
    * BUG 8008: Fix a segfault in the krb5 locator plugin.
    * BUG 8012: Use getgrset() instead of initgroups() + getgroups() when
      getgrouplist() is not defined.
    * BUG 8031: Convert gpfs:sharemodes and gpfs:leases parameters from a
      global setting to a per share setting.

o   Andrew Bartlett <>
    * BUG 7893: Don't ever ask for machine$ principals as a target.

o   Björn Baumbach <>
    * BUG 8074: Fix debug message.

o   Dmitry Butskoy <>
    * BUG 6966: Respect "allow trusted domains = no" in Winbind.

o   Marc A. Dahlhaus <>
    * BUG 8047: Fix mdns registration if "interfaces=" is used.

o   Günther Deschner <>
    * BUG 7993: Make sure we don't crash when publishing a single printer.
    * BUG 8085: Fix incorrect timeout handling in ncacn_ip_tcp client code.
    * BUG 8132: Fix filling printers location field when using CUPS.

o   David Disseldorp <>
    * BUG 7836: Make newly added printers visible to clients.
    * BUG 7994: Use printcap IDL for IPC.

o   Björn Jacke <>
    * BUG 7825: Fix GNU ld version detection with old gcc releases.
    * BUG 8033: Add explicit configure option whether to enable dmapi
      support or not.

o   Sergey Korsak <>
    * BUG 8099: setpwent() actually does endpwent() on FreeBSD.

o   Volker Lendecke <>
    * BUG 8009: Fix getting username in 'net rap session'.
    * BUG 8011: Fix memory corruption in shadow_copy2.
    * BUG 8016: Fix gpfs_get_xattr.
    * BUG 8042: File creation on OS/X.
    * BUG 8054: Winbind cache stores/retrieves wrong sizes for 16-bit ints.
    * BUG 8066: Fix wrong output in 'smbget'.
    * BUG 8087: Fix wbcChangeUserPasswordEx in RESPONSE mode.

o   Nikolay Martynov <>
    * BUG 8010: Fix inode generation so nautilus can count total dir size

o   Jim McDonough <>
    * BUG 6364: Pull realm from supplied username on libnet join.
    * BUG 8166: Don't lockout users when offline.

o   Stefan Metzmacher <>
    * BUG 7383: Normalize IPv4 mapped IPv6 addresses in both directions.
    * BUG 8034: SEC_STD_DELETE is always granted to the owner of a file.

o   Larry Reid <>
    * BUG 8055: Can't see Parts of DFS CIFS share.

o   Simo Sorce <>
    * BUG 7610: winbindd_cache.tdb grows too large when scaled.

o   Martin Vogt <>
    * BUG 6762: Fix ctdb on gpfs error with MS Office.