Samba 3.2.9 Available for Download

		   Release Notes for Samba 3.2.9
			   March 31, 2009

This is a maintenance release of the Samba 3.2 series.

Major enhancements included in Samba 3.2.9 are:

  o Migrating from 3.0.x to 3.3.x can fail to update passdb.tdb
    correctly (bug #6195).
  o Fix guest authentication in setups with "security = share" and
    "guest ok = yes" when Winbind is running.
  o Fix corruptions of source path in tar mode of smbclient (bug #6161).


Changes since 3.2.8

o   Michael Adam 
    * Add script fill-templates.
    * Make update-pkginfo callable from any directory.

o   Jeremy Allison 
    * BUG 6099: Samba returns incurrate capabilities list.
    * BUG 6133: Cannot delete non-ACL files on Solaris/ZFS/NFSv4 ACL
    * BUG 6161: smbclient corrupts source path in tar mode.
    * BUG 6195: Migrating from 3.0.x to 3.3.x can fail to update passdb.tdb
    * BUG 6196: Unable to serve files with colons to Linux CIFS/VFS client.
    * BUG 6224: nmbd waits 5 minutes at startup before checking if it needs to
      run elections.
    * Correctly use chroot().
    * Parameterize in local.h the MAX_RPC_DATA_SIZE, and ensure
      that "offered" read from the rpc packet in spoolss is under
      that size.
    * Fix Coverity ID 602.
    * Backport the semantics of when to delete alternate data streams on a file
    * Allow set attributes on a stream fnum to be redirected to the base
    * Fix use of streams modules with CIFSFS client.
    * Fix more POSIX path lstat calls.
    * Allow DFS client paths to work when POSIX pathnames have been
    * Try and fix the build farm RAW-STREAMS errors.
    * Ensure files starting with multiple dots are hidden.

o   Steven Danneman 
    * Fix guest auth when Winbind is running.

o   Günther Deschner 
    * BUG 6102: NetQueryDisplayInformation could return wrong information.
    * BUG 6193: Avoid messing with sync_context in fetch_database_to_ldif().
    * Fix memleak in get_remote_printer_publishing_data().
    * Add pidl in order to be able to regenerate librpc functions.
    * Fix Coverity IDs 722, 762.

o   Steve French 
    * cifs mount fix for handling -V parameter.
    * Fix guest mounts.

o   Holger Hetterich 
    * Enable total anonymization in vfs_smb_traffic_analyzer.

o   Björn Jacke 
    * Enable IPv6 support for NetBSD and FreeBSD.
    * Prefer gssapi header files from subdirectory.
    * Fix build on old Heimdal based systems.
    * Use parentheses in if condition to make negation clear.

o   Günter Kukkukk 
    * Don't try and delete a default ACL from a file.

o   Jeff Layton 
    * Initialize rc to 0 in main.

o   Volker Lendecke 
    * BUG 6100: Complete fix.
    * BUG 6130: Don't crash in winbindd_rpc lookup_groupmem() on unmapped
    * BUG 6097: Fix smbd segfault.
    * Fix remotely adding a share via MMC.
    * Fix resume handle for _samr_EnumDomainGroups.
    * Fix Coverity IDs 742, 744, 745, 879, 880.
    * Fix a buffer handling bug when adding lots of registry keys.
    * Fix a O(n^2) algorithm in regdb_fetch_keys().
    * Fix an uninitialized variable warning.
    * Fix a valgrind error / segfault in dns_register_smbd().
    * Don't log NDR_PRINT_DEBUG at level 0, this always ends up in syslog.
    * Fix a malloc/talloc mismatch when cli_initialise() fails.
    * Fix a valgrind error.
    * Fix two memleaks in the encryption code.
    * Fix gcc 4.4 compile warning.
    * Fix a scary "fill_share_mode_lock failed" message.

o   Derrell Lipman 
    * BUG 6228: Fix SMBC_open_ctx failure due to path resolve failure doesn't
      set errno.

o   Stefan Metzmacher 
    * BUG 6100: Implement _netr_LogonGetCapabilities() with
    * Add S-1-22-X-Y sids to the local token.
    * Add idl for netr_LogonGetCapabilities().
    * Fix the build on SLES8.
    * Fix smb signing for fragmented trans/trans2/nttrans requests.

o   Glenn Machin 
    * Don't miss an absolute pathname as a kerberos keytab path.

o   Shirish Pargaonkar 
    * Clean-up entries in /etc/mtab after unmount.
    * Add fakemount (-f) and nomtab (-n) flags to mount.cifs.

o   Ted Percival 
    * Fix a crash during name resolution when log level >= 10 and libc
      segfaults if printf is passed NULL for a "%s" arg (e.g. Solaris).

o   Tim Prouty 
    * Parse_packet can return NULL which is then dereferenced in

o   Dan Sledz 
    * Fix double free caused by incorrect talloc_steal usage.

o   Aravind Srinivasan 
    * Have nmbd check all available interfaces for WINS before failing.

o   Miguel Suarez 
    * BUG 6085: Fix build of vfs_default on systems without utime support.

o   Yasuma Takeda 
    * BUG 5920: The length of the memcpy was calculated wrong.
    * BUG 6098: Fix the ads_find_dc() with "security = domain" when the DNS
      server is invalid.

o   Andrew Tridgell 
    * Fix a bug in message handling for code the change notify code.

o   Jelmer Vernooij 
    * Properly cast array length in print functions.

o   Bo Yang 
    * Initialize the id_map status in idmap_ldap to avoid surprise.