Samba 3.2.0 Available for Download

                   Release Notes for Samba 3.2.0
                            July 1, 2008

This is the first stable release of Samba 3.2.0.

Please be aware that Samba is now distributed under the version 3
of the new GNU General Public License.  You may refer to the COPYING
file that accompanies these release notes for further licensing details.

Major enhancements in Samba 3.2.0 include:

  File Serving:
  o Use of IDL generated parsing layer for several DCE/RPC
  o Removal of the 1024 byte limit on pathnames and 256 byte limit on
    filename components to honor the MAX_PATH setting from the host OS.
  o Introduction of a registry based configuration system.
  o Improved CIFS Unix Extensions support.
  o Experimental support for file serving clusters.
  o Support for IPv6 in the server, and client tools and libraries.
  o Support for storing alternate data streams in xattrs.
  o Encrypted SMB transport in client tools and libraries, and server.
  o Support for Vista clients authenticating via Kerberos.

  Winbind and Active Directory Integration:
  o Full support for Windows 2003 cross-forest, transitive trusts
    and one-way domain trusts.
  o Support for userPrincipalName logons via pam_winbind and NSS
  o Expansion of nested domain groups via NSS calls.
  o Support for Active Directory LDAP Signing policy.
  o New LGPL Winbind client library (
  o Support for establishing interdomain trust relationships with
    Windows 2008.

  o New NetApi library for domain join related queries (
    and example GTK+ Domain join gui.
  o New client and server support for remotely joining and unjoining
  o Support for joining into Windows 2008 domains.