Samba 3.0.34 Available for Download

                   Release Notes for Samba 3.0.34
                         January, 20 2009

This is a bug fix release of the Samba 3.0 series.

Major enhancements included in Samba 3.0.34 are:

  o Fix update of machine account passwords.
  o Fix SMB signing issue on Windows Vista with MS Hotfix KB955302.
  o Fix Winbind crashes.
  o Correctly detect if the current dc is the closest one.
  o Add saf_join_store() function to memorize the dc used at join time.
    This avoids problems caused by replication delays shortly after domain
  o Fix write list in setups using "security = share".


Changes since 3.0.33

o   Michael Adam 
    * Fix linking cifs.upcall when nscd_flush_cache() is found.
    * Fix smbd hanging on Solaris when winbindd closes socket.
    * Use the reconnect methods instead of the rpc methods directly.

o   Jeremy Allison 
    * BUG 1254: Fix write list in setups using "security = share".
    * BUG 5052: Not work cancel inheritance on share.
    * BUG 5729: Explicitly allow "-valid" parameter.
    * BUG 5737: Fix Winbind crash in an unusual failure mode.
    * BUG 5750: Fix SMB signing issue on Windows Vista with MS Hotfix KB955302.
    * BUG 5751: Backport to fix showing of ACLson DFS with smbclient.
    * BUG 5790: Fix returning STATUS_OBJECT_NAME_NOT_FOUND on set file
      disposition call.
    * BUG 5814: Fix core dump of Winbind while doing "rescan_trusted_domain".
    * BUG 5873: Fix ACL inheritance.
    * BUG 5914: Fix build failure (redefinition of struct name_list).
    * BUG 5937: Fix filenames with "*" char hiding other files.
    * BUG 6019: File corruption in Clustered SMB/NFS environment
      managed via CTDB.
    * BUG 6035: Fix possible race between fcntl F_SETLKW and alarm delivery.
    * Remove unecessary msync.
    * Rename cifs.spnego to cifs.upcall.
    * Fix segfault when execution cifs.upcall without any arguments.
    * Ensure we emit the notify message before renaming the open files.
    * Fix use of DLIST_REMOVE.
    * Cope with bad trans2mkdir requests from System in QNTC IBM SMB client.
    * Fix memory leak in error path.
    * Fix logic bug introduced in backport of ccache_regain_all_now.

o   Kai Blin 
    * Reformat the WBFLAGS defines to prepare for adding a new flag.
    * Put huge NTLMv2 blobs into extra_data on CRAP auth.

o   Günther Deschner 
    * BUG 5710: Fix update of machine account passwords.
    * Define NET_SRVPWSET2 call.
    * Net should just use machine account creds when changing passwords.
    * Fix net_io_q_srv_pwset2.

o   Carsten Dumke 
    * BUG 5892: Fix documentation of net rap printq info.

o   Dina Fine 
    * BUG 5908: Fix failing of internal change notify on share directory.

o   Steve French 
    * Fix compile warning in cifs.upcall.
    * Fix cifs.upcall manpage and comments.

o   Jeff Layton 
    * Build cifs.upcall by default on Linux.
    * Fix negatively instantiate keys on error in cifs.upcall.
    * Handle handle MSKRB5 OID properly in cifs.upcall.
    * Bump SPNEGO msg version number and don't reject old versions in
    * Fix several problems when mounting subdirectories of shares in
    * Don't prompt for password on krb5 mounts in mount.cifs.
    * Have uppercase_string return success on NULL pointer in mount.cifs.
    * Make return codes match the return codes for /bin/mount in mount.cifs.
    * Use lock/unlock_mtab scheme from util-linux-ng mount prog.

o   Volker Lendecke 
    * BUG 5965: Fix creation of the first share using SWAT.
    * Fix bug triggered by the RAW-SAMBA3OPLOCKLOGOFF test.

o   David Leonard 
    * BUG 4516: No IPv6 on Solaris 2.6.

o   Igor Mammedov 
    * Add support for cifs.spnego helper into configure and
    * Add checks for spnego prereq keyutils.h and kerberos in
    * Add helper source for handling cifs kernel module upcall for kerberos
    * Add -c option to set service prefix to "cifs" in service principal by
      default service prefix "host" is used.
    * Add support for cifs.resolver upcall.

o   Stefan Metzmacher 
    * Correctly detect if the current dc is the closest one.
    * For CLDAP we need to use get_sorted_dc_list() to avoid recursion.
    * Add fallback to return all dcs, when none is available in the requested
    * Add saf_join_store() function to memorize the dc used at join time.
    * Return an error instead of crashing when no realm is given.
    * Handle the SMB signing states the same in the krb5 and ntlmssp cases.

o   Andreas Schneider 
    * Delete the krb5 ccname variable from the PAM environment if set.
    * Fix the build of pam_winbind.
    * Fix circular dependency error with autoconf 2.6.3.

o   Simo Sorce 
    * Fix an ifdef check.
    * Fix warning.

o   Yasuma Takeda 
    * BUG 5909: Fix MS-DFS links inlcuding multibyte characters on Vista.

o   Andrew Tridgell 
    * Avoid a race condition in glibc between AIO and setresuid().
    * Become root for AIO operations.

o   Bo Yang 
    * Don't set child->requests to NULL in parent after fork.
    * Backport of the clean event context after fork and krb5
      refresh chain fixes.
    * Fix null pointer refrence in event context in backport from v3-3-test.

o   Qiao Yang 
    * Fix a memleak.

Please refer to the original Samba 3.0.33 Release Notes for more details regarding changes in previous releases.